The John Kadlecik Band at Toad’s Fri.12/9/16


12-9-16-john_kadlecik_toadsWhat an incredible turnout at Toad’s this past Friday 12/9/16. The John Kadlecik Band rocked the house with a stunning performance!

Special thanks to Todd Stoops for sharing the keyboard rig for the Creamery Station opening set. Todd’s inventive keyboard chops were something to behold – perfectly complementing John’s seemingly effortless, fluid, lucid guitar and vocals.

Sitting in for Klyph Black on bass (unavailable due to a family emergency) was Joe Gallant – who displayed such finesse and dexterity on the instrument, one might think he’d been with the band since its inception.

Nathan Graham on drums glued it all together with drive and subtle intricacy that was an absolute treat for the astute listener – not to mention the ocean of dancers mesmerized by the totality of the band’s holistic groove.

Particularly noteworthy was their moving interpretation of David Crosby’s Page 43

concert notes by Jon Truelson

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