Wormtown 2017 – Review Excerpt



Review excerpt
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Wormtown Music festival

Camp Kee Wanee Greenfield, MA

September 14 2017

The early bird scene at Wormtown is always fun. The truly devoted and committed come as early as possible and stake their campgrounds in the woods and show why they are truly ravenous for music and the Worm vibe. I got in around dinner time, before it was dark and settled into what would be my home base for the weekend, the Old 78 Clothing booth. I greeted my compatriots for the weekend, saw some friends walking by, got some sustenance and prepared for an evening for fine tunes.

The two cabins are the only stages for the early Worms, and up first was Creamery Station in one and Bearly Dead in the other. I’ve seen Creamery open for Max Creek a few times and they seem to be really hitting the scene hard. Their set was excellent, an earthy jam band vibe that leans more toward the band and JGB than the Dead or Phish. I’m always intrigued by the multi-generational nature of their band, with members in age groups that seem to span 25-30 years between them. They get better with every show and I got a real Levon / Garth / Jerry / Dylan feeling from their originals and covers.

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