In Memory of Vinnie Mannocchi


October 12, 2017

Our hearts ache with the passing of our brother Vinnie Mannocchi. He was not only our official road manager and keyboard tech, but he was such a funny, loud, kind, genuine person.. We send our condolences out to his family and the rest of The Station Nation grieving over this. We are right here with you – Dylan

Away in Nova Scotia with limited internet service and just received some heartbreaking news about the passing of Vinnie Mannocchi…devasted and shocked. Not only was Vinnie a friend and neighbor, he had become like an adopted son to me lately…could always rely on him to give me a hand during the recent renovation and move into my new home, he was incredibly helpful during that process, whenever I needed “muscle”, he was a phone call and short walk away and always eager to give me a hand…he was equally helpful when he took on his role as “Road Manager” with Creamery Station, became jack of all trades with us, taking on various jobs and always there to lend a hand when needed. Being neighbors, we would frequently drive to gigs together and would talk about life and it’s challenges, he confided with me what he was dealing with and I feel hurt that I couldn’t have helped more, so this news kind of hit me hard. With the sadness also comes the memories and laughs we shared…trying to fold that big lug of a guy to fit into my little sports car is something I’ll never forget, I don’t think the two of us ever laughed so hard, except when we had to get him back out of the car! When I get back to Cheshire, I’ll have one of those yummy breakfast sandwiches at The Notch that we both so enjoyed, you’ll be there in spirit…RIP my friend, brother, son…you’ll be missed. – Don

I’ll always miss you Vinnie Mannocchi. You were my drum coach. Always cheering me on from the sidelines. I’ll never be able to look out on the crowed and see you air drumming along… This should have never happened. So many people loved and cared about you Vinnie. You left more then a wake in your passing. This is a fucking tidal wave… Life will never be the same. All I want is to hear you laughing one more time. Bet fam. – Harry

I am sad, pissed, devastated and heart broken at the news of a friend’s passing last night. Vinnie Mannocchi was that big puppy that bounced into a room full of unpredictable energy and a heart of gold. Demons got the best of a person who lived his albeit short life like a hurtling comet. I will always remember his passion for music and his generous nature. A lovable giant. You will be sorely missed my friend. I hope you found your peace. – Michael

Awoke this morning to the heartbreaking news of the passing of our very close friend, Vinnie Mannocchi. As my keyboard tech, he made it possible to get me on and off the stage when I was dealing with some recent health challenges. As a musical fanatic, he could sit down to any one of our instruments and regale us with some most unusual improvisations. As a human being, Vinnie exuded genuine warmth and kindness. There will never be another you Vinnie – you will never be forgotten. – Jon

At certain concerts it’s common to walk around the parking lot with one finger in the air if you are looking for a miracle as it’s called (or free ticket). As a joke or pranksters like we were Vinnie Mannocchi and I use to like to walk around free Creamery Stations shows like this just be silly. This pic is from my 40th birthday party which was also a free show. He had so much humor and laughter about him and was a really good friend and person. This one is hard to take. I’ll miss you Vinnie. RIP. – Sean Morse

Nearly 6 years ago I played my first show at Toad’s Place – Toads Place with The Mushroom Cloud. How far we’ve come. Tonight will mark one of the most special nights in my life as we take the stage as a headliner for the first time, and I’m gonna leave it all up there just like I did from my very first performance, and every time I get behind the drums. The night also comes with a heavy heart with the untimely passing of our dear friend Vinnie Mannocchi, road manager for Creamery Station and a wonderful soul I’ve known since I was little. We’ll be dedicating the show to him and hope you can join us to celebrate his life. Love unconditionally and let the people around you know how much you care about them. We need each other more than ever in these days. See you tonight friends – Russ Harris/The Mushroom Cloud

Dan Raucci & Vinnie Mannocchi these two towering men of musical power. I loved listening to them analyze & criticize music for hours on end. This was right before we spent like 3 hrs in Guitar Center tormenting the employees and getting scolded for being too loud. — with Dan Raucci and Vinnie Mannocchi. – Tara Minopoli

January 5, 2018

Thanks to all who came in support of Vinnie’s family. Despite the frigid temperatures, we had a packed house at our fundraiser at Jake’s in Wallingford.

It means the world to us to see the whole station nation crew come out to support the family of our beloved brother and road manager. All the proceeds went to Vinnie’s family.
Creamery Station, The Mushroom Cloud, Dave Alts & Friends, and more performed and A Case Of Space provided their usual stellar  projections.

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