Dylan Kader


Dylan Kader, of Bethany, Connecticut, primarily sings and plays mandolin in Creamery Station, but is known to periodically play guitar and percussion. With his father, Jim Kader, being a musician, he was surrounded by music from an early age and grew up at his father’s gigs as a part of the live music scene – then later continued his cultivation of this way of life by following jam bands across the nation on wild journeys that are often the focal points of his songs. These bands became huge inspirations for Dylan’s playing. Some of his favorite bands and serious influences on Creamery Station are The Dead, The Allman Brothers, The Band, Little Feat, Railroad Earth, Max Creek, and so much more.

After learning how to play guitar from his father, Dylan continued to expand his musical knowledge by learning from a plethora of teachers such as his music theory professor at University of Bridgeport Dr. Jeffery Johnson, his vocal teacher, Berklee Graduate Jon Truelson, and his mandolin teacher, bluegrass extraordinaire Dick Neal. As a culmination of all of these teachings, Dylan has begun to compose original material that has been garnering attention from a multitude of outlets. The primary outlet being his main musical project, Creamery Station. With their recent emergence on the New England jam scene being dubbed as one of the fastest rising jam bands in Connecticut, Dylan has devoted almost all of his time and efforts to the project and has been writing new material and refining his chops whenever they are not playing out.

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