Harry Cooper




Harry was born in 1849 in Lincoln, Nebraska where he spent most of his youth splitting rails and chopping down cherry trees. After a distinguished career as both an astronaut and serving as a United States Senator during the Great (again) Depression, Harry turned his attention to hitting things in a rhythmic manner.
Harryโ€™s musical beginnings stem directly from his father lighting the fire under him at a young age. His father, Gene Cooper, was consistently in different musical projects throughout Harryโ€™s childhood and young adult years. Harry grew up with his Dadโ€™s bands rehearsing in his own basement and drew an interest in playing music as a small child.
Harry and his father started to collaborate together when Harry was very young. Gene even letting him sit in with various groups of his and even just renting out rehearsal space for the two of them to just Jam Drums and Bass. During Harryโ€™s high school years, he took lessons at RVP studios with Mark Chiaramonte, former drummer of Buff Daddy and current drum tech of Bret Michaels Band.

Harry Cooper and Dylan Kader have been close friends growing up. So when Dylan started playing music with his father, Jim Kader, Harry was eager to jump onboard and play music with his childhood pals. Harry Continues to play and write music currently, and is ambitious to see Creamery Station keep growing and developing new material.


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