Mike Ryan

Mike_RyanMichael Ryan is a veteran of the live music scene with over 3000 live performances spanning his career with highlights that range from clubs/pubs in over 28 States and 5 countries to 7 concerts at the famed Shea Stadium. His versatility on both the drum kit and percussion has enabled him to play and record in most all genres of music. Michael began playing at the age of 7 and studied under famed drummer/vibraphone player Dave Zimnicki of The Yellowjackets. At age 18 he auditioned and was accepted into the U.S. Army Band where he spent 8 years performing as the primary percussionist in the each of his unitโ€™s Corp, Symphony, Big Band and Jazz ensembles the highlight being able to play in the prestigious Presidential escort for then President Ronald Reagan and Mikhial Gorbachev in Iceland. After his career in the Army, Michael began performing with notable blues artists including Guitar Gabriel, James Montgomery, Clarence โ€˜Gatemouthโ€™ Brown as well as a steady diet of bar bands to cut his teeth in live music scene.

Michael then moved south to Tennessee for 8 year where he was performing 120-200 shows a year in various groups of all styles, most favorably with the Jam Band/Fusion/Prog Rock scene where he honed his skills opening for groups such as The Allman Brothers, Moe, Galactic, Blues Traveler, Dr John, Govโ€™t Mule, Col Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit and the Dixie Dreggs . While in Knoxville, Michael was honored to perform with Smithsonian Jazz Legend Donald Brown of the famed Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

Left to right: Bill Carbone, Mike Ryan

Left to right: Bill Carbone, Mike Ryan

Upon moving back to his home state of CT in 1999 Michael began playing in the Celtic music scene where he spent 14 years behind the kit for the wildly popular Celtic rock band, The Highland Rovers. Michael has recorded on close to 35 CD/albums in his career and has had numerous TV and movie appearances as a musician. Above all, his love of live music has driven him to explore and hone his percussive craft as he continues to learn new styles and techniques with each new musical venture.

Michael continues a schedule of playing drums and percussion for multiple artists, performs 120- 200 a year. When he is not pounding the percussion with Creamery Station, Michael performs or has played with such artists as: The Highland Rovers, Jeff Conlon, Americelt, The Neybas, Someone You can Xray, The John Spignesi Band, CK3, Jen Durkin, Bobby Morrill and many, many more


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